It’s been a while since I last posted on here. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends how you look at it) I have been busy with my bait business and of course taking my barbell quest further than I ever dreamt possible. I last posted about my superb 16lb 14oz barbell caught from the middle Trent way back in November.

Well, at the end of the season, 1hr 15mins to be exact before the end I caught her again at 17lb 8oz.

And here she is…

17lb 8oz

Taken on one of our test bait (Lamprey & Smoked Herring) boilies. It was a colossal fish, one that once caught in November would not stretch anymore than she did, but alas to my surprise and good fortune she did.

So with a new season fast approaching, what next…

Well I am hoping to get into filming some of my sessions, I think Facebook (where I am most active) and social media has more or less took over a great deal of my material that is shared and I am finding myself neglecting this blog.

I still wish to keep it, and as such a new article will be posted in the article section on big rivers and getting the feeding right. I have no plans to take the blog down as I believe I have so much more to share (you never stop learning in this game) and because of that I will make a concerted effort to share more content over the coming season.

I digress…

I will definitely be posting videos and hope to get more perspective on them and more content within them in regards of what I am using, what I am doing and why. I also hope to make it more like a video as oppose to just catch videos.

I will be targeting carp on my local gravel pit from June and into the summer until late September so barbel wise I will not be doing much until then. It will be then that I will be on yet another new stretch targeting a big 19lb barbel that I know resides on this stretch, although nomadic my aim is to target this fish whilst catching other big fish.

I will however make sure that I am updating here of my adventures and my carp fishing exploits until then, I promise.

Until then, enjoy the new article and have a great new season wherever you may be.

Tight lines,