Okay so with plans afoot to come to Notts on the 28th is not looking the best of plans now, just been checking the weather for my week back and guess what? It’s going to rain! I’m a bit gutted to tell you the truth but seeing as I need to come back anyway for a meeting it can’t be helped. 

It’s lucky I know of a few areas that as long as the water doesn’t come up 6ft or more I will be able to catch something, I hope.

It will probably give me the chance to write a feature on my new 3-F-T groundbait named ‘Flood Stench’ and do another on tackling the swollen big rivers such as the Trent.

It will emphasize the importance of choosing the right location etc and of course give some perspective to my flooded rivers article in which I explained the need to be logical and methodical in your approach.

I have been looking for an opportunity to write a feature regarding flooded rivers and this seems an ideal opportunity, it’s one thing writing an article about it but what a lot of people want to see is you actually putting it into practice.

It would also be an ideal opportunity to use one of my mixes, groundbait mixes, that are all about putting a large scent trail into the water for barbel to follow, provided you fish where they can of course reach it they’ll soon be on it, so flooded rivers are an ideal place to use the groundbait as I created one for this scenario.

I have created groundbaits for all scenarios and flooded rivers is just one of them.

I’ll offer now, if someone wants some help in fishing flooded rivers you can join me on the 1,2,3,4 or 5th July, providing the river is in flood, if you need some help on catching fish when the water is this high. It’s just something to try and help certain people with and not for everyone obviously, but if someone is in need of some help in fishing conditions such as this get in contact with me at: myquestforbarbel@live.co.uk  and we’ll sort something out .

There’s no guarantees like anything in fishing, but I should have one or two as I know where to be and where to go when the river is like this.

So look out for two features in July “Floodwater Barbel” and a feature on my floodwater groundbait. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you all updated on how I get on via facebook and twitter and later write my features on here.

So if I don’t hear from you by e-mail I’ll talk to you again very soon…