So we have reached a point where I am able to share how my new venture in barbel baits is going. The results have been quite astounding from a number of individuals who have put their name down to ‘field test’ these new boilies. 

Many people reporting catches of barbel into double figures, which if I’m honest has not surprised me in the least. I have stated on record many times that I believe these boilies have the potential to be the new dawn in barbel baits and judging by peoples catches on them already, which bearing in mind is without the soluble paste (creating high attraction of oil and scent) and the groundbait which I aim to create high attraction for barbel to home in on from 100yds plus.

What’s different about this 3-F-T brand is simply the baits will be innovative as possible, creating mass attraction with groundbaits, soluble boilies and soluble paste with little food content, thus not filling up any barbel that are in your swim feeding.

Dale Thomas – 10lbs 7oz barbel – his biggest this season – falling to the dubby

Dale Thomas has been the stand out ‘field tester’, not meaning any disrespect to the others as they have all played their part in one way or the other, but I have to say Dale has used the boilies efficiently and intelligently, making every single boilie count.

Now I am not someone who goes mad myself with chucking loads of bait out, due to the fact the dubby’s are high in very attractive oils and once immersed into water, regardless of temp, the boilie release the outer coating of oil that surrounds the boilie so using one on the hair-rig and one or two in the feeder or stringer will usually suffice. This only leaves the food content so to speak, the inner skin that stays on the hair-rig. This will have already released the attractive oil in a small amount of time, whilst keeping the scent active locked around the boilie all day if necessary.

Dale has produced 30 odd barbel using only 120 boilies to achieve this feat that includes three doubles in three sessions, biggest going 10lbs 7oz, amazing!

Not only has he achieved 30 odd catches on the dubby’s on such a small amount of free offerings but he has also produced the type of fishing from the Wye that could only be described has dream fishing.

Dale Thomas – 10lbs 3oz barbel

Dale has produced three amazing doubles in three amazing short sessions this season using the dubby’s, in fact these doubles came on the trot from three different fish where the Wye doubles are notoriously hard to catch such is their low population.

The result of Dale’s amazing catches have landed him a free kilo of rubby dubby’s courtesy of 3-F-T and I personally thank him for his contributions and amazing feedback he has given during his time ‘field testing’ the dubby’s.

Christoper Mutton – 11lbs 04oz barbel

I don’t expect everyone to be so ‘hands on’ with their contributions and feedback, not one person can be singled out for praise here, Dale has done an amazing job and achieved an amazing feat, but others such as Christopher Mutton who has achieved a new PB courtesy of the dubby at 11lbs 3oz (pictured right) should be very proud as am I for him and for my bait.

Christopher followed this up with barbel of 6lbs 10oz and 7lbs 8oz in the same session and he’s obviously delighted with the way the boilies have performed thus far. He sampled the boilies against his normal baits such as pellets and Martin Bowler’s Extracta boilies from Richworth and in total he landed seven, three on pellet, one on the Martin Bowler’s and three on the dubbies and also losing one on them. 

I think it shows that given the right location, the dubby’s will outperform brands that are being held in the highest regard. I have put these boilies out there to be judged, criticised and praised but as of yet I have not had any one person come back to me and say they’re disappointed. 

Not everyone has managed to get out and use them, some people have issues medically or they’re unable to facilitate any time to go and try these boilies out, not their fault of course so I have added 5 new ‘testers’ that are prepared to go out and use them a little more regularly so the feedback is fed back on a more consistent level.

Christopher Axon, Stuart Woods, Peter Moore, David Brice and Dave Varnam have all caught barbel on the dubbies but to include all the pics is impossible so I will be (on new site) including a new 3-F-T gallery where all these pics will be displayed. 

Nicky Spooner with an unusual capture!

Of course the boilies have also been used for carp (not made for carp specifically however) from anglers such as Nicky Spooner, David Lomas, Chris Owens and Ian Gould all contributing pictures of dubby caught carp.

Nicky Spooner managed to catch a very unusual species, in fact the fish is still to be verified so if you have any ideas please let me know as I’m at a loss (pictured left).

Ian Gould with a fantastic looking Mirror

Ian Gould couldn’t resist putting a dubby on during his carp session at his local pond and had two carp including this beautiful mirror (pictured below) that was in fact double figures.  

I can’t include everyone’s captures unfortunately due to the vast size of the files and limited space available on the page but I have tried to give a varied outlook on fish caught on the boilies. 

I would also like to say I prefer to include images of people holding the fish, I know this isn’t always possible but if your a tester reading this, please try if you can as it makes the picture look so much better. 

The success of the dubby’s has been excellent so far and I will be updating again with further captures as and when they occur of course. I will be updating a new blog piece soon on the tank test of the new groundbait in the 3-F-T range, barbel fizz. I will then be blogging about my holiday to the Wye recently which was simply incredible. 

3-F-T is moving in the right direction and I intend to keep it that way, the merchandise of polo shirts and hoodies will be available soon and my new 3-F-T facebook page will also be launched. The new site is coming on well and could be about 3 months away from completion where I’ll then be launching my 3-F-T range for sale to the members of the site only! The bags of boilies will be available in 500gr and 1kg bags, the price is yet to be decided.

My Wye Barbel of 9lbs 5oz

 It’s only right that I add my latest contribution, a barbel caught on the dubbies during my Wye trip at 9lbs 5oz in immaculate condition. 

I urge everyone to keep up their good work and I apologise if I haven’t included your fish on this post but due to the amount of fish caught I could only include an handful. I am hopeful that during the next update I will be including others.

I hope many more fish fall to the dubby’s, judging by what people are catching regularly from up and down the country on the variety of rivers the boilies look to have a great future.

I am currently trialling many other exciting projects, including wasp grub and Lamprey & Anchovy Hemp Boilies which I am sure will both be equally as good as the dubby’s have been so far but I am always looking for improvement.  

Finally, many incentives/prizes will be given to the ‘field testers’ in the future, I will of course let you know in due course of these incentives via facebook and the blog. I want you all to be happy with what you’re doing, I want you all to know that you’re all part of something here. You’re part of a company/brand moving forwards and with your help on the ‘field testing’ scene it’s not forgotten or without reward, now or indeed in the future as together with your help I’ll be making better baits to help you catch bigger and more plentiful fish in the future. 

I’ll be back blogging about the Wye holiday and the video tank test very soon. 

I am also looking for a tank, a fish tank that no one wants any more as mine has decided to crack for the tank test of the groundbait, so if anyone can help out please let me know?

Until then tight lines,