So how has your season started? Good, bad or indifferent?

I have had a great start in little over a week, landing 6 double-figure barbel and a river carp…

I am currently on holiday now visiting my wife and daughter but will be back again on Tuesday where I hope to get out again if not too busy during the rest of the week.

I will be writing a new blog soon regarding my first week but until then hope you’ve all started well and thanks for the new following of people recently it is much appreciated.

I try to keep my posts impartial to my company, of course the bait I use is only my own but I try not to use this blog as a mechanism to sell it.

My company does pretty well without me doing this on here and feel I have no reason to ‘plug’ it on my blog.

Regular readers should know by my success that the results really do speak for themselves and if anyone was interested they could contact me.

Talk soon guys and tight lines – new blog will be live within the next couple of weeks and here’s a snippet of what to expect…

13lbs 14oz