13lbs 12ozSorry for my lack of postings recently, I have been absolutely snowed under with my bait business and fishing that my blog and writings have suffered.

However I aim to get an update of how my exploits have gone so far very soon…

Being late in the day and not having the time to write much nowadays I thought that I would write my exploits down in the seasons of the year, so my summer barbel fishing will be the first. I will go through what differences I have adopted in both my methods and tactics this season, compared to last.

I am also aiming to provide some video footage of how I go about tackling a Trent in flood when we ever get some rain…

I will be writing very soon and get the first ‘proper’ blog out there within the next couple of weeks so please bear with me on this.

Let me take this opportunity to say thanks for my new following for which there has been many and I hope you will enjoy reading my ramblings…

Talk soon guys and hope you’ve all done well so far.


P.S The above picture is one (of several) of my big fish caught this season, this one going 13lbs 12oz