I am sorry to all my readers/followers that I have not written any fresh content for a while. This is due to my bait business more or less taking over my life and having no real time to sit down and write any new material.

Just to let you know that I will be doing various video blogs that will cut the writing down of my sessions this coming season.

The winter of last yielded little results but I did manage to add a few more doubles to 15.04 which took my total to 33 double-figure barbel. Despite losing a few big fish at the end of the season I was unable to better it.

Here’s the photo of my best at 15.04 caught on our own Bounty boilie.

Caught on a bounty 18mm boilie

Caught on a 3 F T bounty 18mm boilie

So for the start of this season, due to limited time I will be doing video blogs, sometimes on location whilst fishing of my exploits. This will be added material to that of articles, features and sessions that I will have.

Hope you’re all well and I look forward to the new season as I am sure you are too. Have a good one and see you all in the summer as I will upload content of my sessions as and when they happen.

Good luck to all for the new season,