Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Richard Easom and I have been an avid angler since the age of Five, my Brother a keen fisherman also got me hooked onto the sport and I have grown to become a specimen angler catching only big fish. One fish in particular, over the last few years has held my attention span, longer than any other fish, and that fish is barbel. I have spent Four years watching and observing barbel behaviour to try and understand why they react the way they do etc. I think this gives me the right to have a opinion on the fish and maybe know my fair share regarding them.

I started off catching small fish on the Trent and local Ponds, to the point that I did think about match fishing, but as time went on I found that I wasn’t getting the challenge or buzz any more from catching little fish. I spent a day barbel fishing as I had never caught one and the rest is history as they say, I fell in love with them. I also have a keen interest in carp fishing and spend a week out of every other year fishing in France for them (first time last year). The banter with the lads is fantastic, that catching fish is just a bonus but I do take it seriously and hope to catch when I go. I don’t really get the chance to fish for carp in the UK due to me spending all my spare time on a river fishing for barbel, not that I don’t like fishing for carp I just love barbel more.

My aim is achieve something in fishing and become a writer of articles that get published in magazines regarding barbel, doing reviews regarding tackle for companies etc, this is something that I would consider a dream job.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and picking up some tips along the way. My aim is to help not be patronizing in any way, my blog is for people who embrace new ideas and are new to barbel fishing. Of course there maybe something for the more experienced barbel anglers also.

Tight lines!