I haven’t managed to write a blog recently due to time restraints with my new bait company.

It seems it’s becoming every bit as good as I hoped that it would be and orders are coming in thick and fast, even at this time of the year which is very pleasing.

I thought I would compose something to give you a quick update on certain things.

Firstly my blog, in March will move to a website with a domain and host. This will give me the added room to work on my posts, articles and features that I intend to do without the restraints of making them look messy and too busy with wordpress.com. It’s something that I am consciously aware of when I write on here, especially any articles etc hence not writing too much.

The new site will focus a lot on my new bait company (3 F T) and allow you the customer to use a ‘shop’ facility where you can browse and/or buy my products.

The 3 F T team will also be allowed to share their articles and features on the site – variety is good and gives people a different perspective. 

The content of course might not be about barbel, it could be giving hints & tips on a carp fishery or a method that has worked well for them – all manner of things. 

I will also be doing various features and how to’s in stream form, from tying a simple knot (not everyone knows how to do this) to testing products and their efficiency within a ‘field testing’ capacity, you will all be witness to how these product perform.

Along with this, my intention is not to lose the concept of the ‘My Quest For Barbel’ ethos and tradition by posting articles etc, this will just enhance the capability in which to  do so. 

The new site will give a much broader view on barbel and the species on the whole, while the rest of the team will also write their experiences on other species – not just barbel. 

I will include a profile for each individual member of the team so you can get to know them as individuals who are behind this company moving forward as oppose to just a faceless person.

I am very excited about 3 F T’s future in the bait industry, already moving onto countries such as Holland, Belgium, Germany and Italy in which to promote, endorse and market 3 F T has a brand with the help of Frans Vogels – European And Overseas Development Consultant. I believe Frans can enhance the profile for 3 F T given his angling and writing capabilities in Holland and Belgium for various Angling Publications. Frans also does guiding/coaching in Holland and delivers talks all over Europe so I am very excited about his role and what he can do for 3 F T moving forward.

Frans with a UK double figure barbel.

Frans with a UK double figure barbel.

Its been a great 6 months for 3 F T with many testers recording great fish to double figures, the biggest Adrian Needham with a belting 14lbs 6oz barbel from the Trent on the Dubby boilies. To date the boilies have caught nearly 200 decent fish and I am sure they will continue to catch fish all over the country and beyond.

'Field Tester' Adrian Needham with a 14lbs 6oz Trent fish, caught on a Dubby boilie.

‘Field Tester’ Adrian Needham with a 14lbs 6oz Trent fish, caught on a Dubby boilie.

I am continuing to add new boilies to the range and all manner of glugs, hookers and paste wraps. Groundbaits will be ready for the new season and the new ‘Ringo’s’ are sure to be a winner amongst the carp fishing community, the feed baits act in a daisy chain type scenario where you thread them onto your hooklength and come to rest on the point of your hook. Once in the water they will break down very quickly leaving a mass attraction of feed around your hook, whilst also disguising your hooklength from any wary carp. I am proposing to trial this on a river also so watch this space it could be the answer to a fiddly PVA bag solution.

New Glug and Hookers available now!!

The new Hemp & Anchovy MK1 & MK2 are sure to be a big hit for barbel & chub in the coming seasons.

New 3 F T Hoodies & Caps have also gone on sale and are in the process of being manufactured – the prices are £24 delivered – this includes your name, £23 without your name. Anyone wishing to purchase one can send me a message and I will sort it out for you. The caps are £8 delivered.


3 F T new hoody – available now!!!

Lastly I think it’s fitting to finish with further positive news for 3 F T. Customer Edward Lewis (you can also check an interview I did for Edward on his blog here – great blog it is too) has recently found some form with the Dubby boilie, hooking a pristine barbel and a new PB at 10lbs 12oz and on his next session a chub of 6lbs also on the Dubby from the river Derwent. Once I saw the pictures I knew they were good enough for an Angling Publication so I contacted Angler’s Mail. They were so impressed with the catch and photo that they printed his picture of the barbel which also won him the ‘Top Rod’ prize.

Ed makes the Angler's Mail on the baits!

Ed makes the Angler’s Mail on the baits!

I think you would agree his chub that I also sent in isn’t too shabby either!

Edward Lewis - Another fantastic shot and chub caught on the Dubby.

Edward Lewis – Another fantastic shot and chub caught on the Dubby.

For full updates on my baits and general banter come and visit me on facebook and drop me a ‘like’ here

I will be back at the start of March fishing on the Trent so expect a lot of activity around this period on the blog as I’ll be writing some catch reports etc (that’s providing I catch).

I then hope my new website will take up the slack – allowing me to post more content! 

My intention also is to give you a full review of my baits on the new site so stick with me and thanks for all your support it is much appreciated.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of my baits you can e-mail me @: threefoottwitch@hotmail.co.uk for a product and price list.

Until then, tight lines