I thought I should write a post to share my plans.

I am in the process of launching a new bait range for carp and barbel, these will be known as ‘BACK-BITE’ and ‘3-F-T’ respectively, the idea is that with 4 years of research of testing mixes and barbel baits I have tried every conceivable food item that either worked out very well, or indeed fell on it’s arse.

With this experience I have decided that on my forthcoming new site I will be selling these mixes to the general public via my new site, it will have a shop where you can purchase these items groundbaits, pellets and liquids (maybe boilies – this needs to be sorted out with someone). The groundbaits consist of ‘barbel fizz’, ‘flood stench’, ‘Rubby Dubby’ and ‘explosive stench’ . The names are not set in stone either so may come up with something else for them.

The groundbaits all have a purpose and a scenario in which you would use them, ‘flood stench’ for example has been made with flooded conditions in mind, no other company as far as I am aware make groundbaits for scenarios in which the British barbel angler faces on their river. ‘Barbel Fizz’ is exactly that, fish love bubbles and barbel are no different, using this in scenarios where you want a quick response in a match type scenario will bring fish into your swim. ‘Explosive stench’ is an explosion of cloud on the bottom, once your feeder hits, very little food content and clouds up a bottom ideal for clear water giving a very powerful aroma scent for over 100yds plus.

Rubby Dubby groundbait is made with using the Rubby Dubby boilies in mind, a powerful scent/attractor, barbel love blood and oil and this groundbait has it in abundance. Used in conjunction with the boilies, it is devastingly effective.

Liquids, to which there will be a few to start, no names yet though, the liquid is based on very much like a certain brand of liquid ‘goo’ but the idea is that this will be made for barbel and cloud up in water where the flow is a slow to medium pace, glides are pefect for this product. I’ll also be creating liquids for the carp angler under the ‘BACK-BITE’ brand. 

All of these mixes, pellets and liquids will be given a feature on my new site to prove that what I am using works and works very well, so it shows everyone to buy with confidence, that it will work for them. Not all will be done by the the time my new site goes to launch but I hope that most will be, then obviously in time all will be done.

So, as many of you will know via facebook or twitter I am giving sample packs away to my ‘followers’ for the price of postage once my new site goes live, I will also before this happens send out my new and improved ‘rubby dubby’ boilies for the ‘followers’ to field test for me, for the price of £3.50. Feedback is needed however or you will not be considered for the sample packs even if you do ‘follow’. I will be sending E-mails to everyone who ‘follow’ to see if they wish to take advantage of this offer and give feedback on the product in due course.

All you have to do is follow the instructions on the E-mail and then I will send you the boilies.

Hope this makes everything I am doing clearer, once these baits and mixes go to launch on my new site I will then E-mail you all again for sample packs of these products (Groundbait mixes) until then if you have any questions feel free to E-mail me at: myquestforbarbel@live.co.uk.

I have not set a price for mixes etc yet but I envisage once they go live you’ll be expected to pay a going rate for most groundbaits on the market today, but I will be fair to the guys who have given me feedback on the products they’ve field tested. The liquids are expected to be cheaper than a certain brand who shall remain nameless.

My brand aims to revolutionize the bait and groundbait industry, bringing baits and mixes to ‘the barbel anglers of today, who want to be one step ahead of the game’

Thank you for your time and I’ll be in touch in due course. Don’t forget to ‘like’ my page by clicking ‘like’ on the sidebar facebook box. And don’t miss my features on floodwater fishing and on my new ‘flood stench’ groundbait.

Tight Lines,